Safe vacation

It’s time to think about the holidays!

The residence is the synonymous of freedom and privacy: you can organize and live your holiday with your family in your own way. You do not have schedules and you can cook when you want in a total autonomy. The balcony is also an important area to use. Our apartments are bright, spacious and particularly airy thanks to the bathroom window.

We are working tirelessly: the goal for everyone also in 2021 is a SAFE HOLIDAY, in compliance with the hygiene and health measures that will be provided to help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest.                                                                         

We are honored to announce that we are one of the safest Residence for the Ligurian Public Health Department (ASL2): we get the “Get Care Project” protocol identification brand: care, respect, health, ethics, rules.  On our Italian blog you can read about it.

We respect different national guidelines and OMS protocol about cleanings and the sanitize process in the apartments, pools and common areas with the aim to prevent virus cases.

We have always applied very strict hygiene measures for the prevention and fight of infectious diseases and now we will strengthen them for the protection against COVID-19. We have therefore developed our own guideline (many things have always been our usual standard).

Contact us ( to know the 10 points of “Help us, helping you!” in which we tell you what we are doing to offer you a safe holiday.

Here are some advances:

  • The check in  can be online, limiting physical contact as much as possible.
  • It is not possible to invite in the residence and in the apartments  people not belonging to the family group registered on arrival and reported to the police station.
  • Our Staff is informed and is equipped with PPE (Personal Protection Device).
  • Cleaning, sanitization, disinfection of common areas and apartments is provided.
  • Pools will be open but entry is organize in accordance to local and national Protocol.
    Entry is based always on turn over: or even or odd days. NO EVERY DAY.
  • Some services and facilities may be subject to limitations, reduced or unvailable and temporarily suspended in compliance with the upcoming Prime Ministerial Decree or according to regional law. Ask info

For more info contact us:

Phone:  +39 3468770573 (WhatsApp) or +39 019628349
Send a mail to: